Forms and Paperwork

Here are the forms and stationery items that supplement the IMP in your school.

Student loan of instrument form

See attached for loan agreement form for student loans

Instrument Loan Form (Word 617.0 KB)

Year 5 offer of place

A letter to parents of Year 5 students offering a position in the year 5 band class.

Yr_5_Band_offer_of_place.docm (Word 600.6 KB)

Year 4 information from teachers spreadsheet

A form for completion by Year 4 teachers before the end of the school year to support selection in year 5 Band.

Blank_Year_5_Selection_Summary_2021.xlsx (XLSX 23.4 KB)

Practice Record

Even though we include a practice record in each student journal there may be an occasion where a special record sheet is required. Here it is.

Practice sheet (Word 38.0 KB)

Year 5 Percussionists

A special welcome to Year 5 percussion players explaining to them and their parents just how important they are to the band and how hard they will have to work to learn both tuned and untuned percussion.

Yr 5 Percussionists (Word 61.5 KB)

Replacement costs of instruments

This note includes a valuation/replacement cost list for each band instrument.

instrument_costs_band.doc (Word 614.5 KB)

Staff Loan of instrument form

See attached form for teacher loans

Agreement_For_Loan_of_Instrument_staff.doc (Word 361.1 KB)

Year 5 Selection guidelines

A multi page document explaining the procedure to be adhered to by client schools in the selection of Year 5 students for the band class.

Select_yr_5_2021_FOR_TEACHERS.doc (Word 653.5 KB)

Year 5 Band Welcome Letter

A letter to parents of Year 5 students welcoming them to the IMP.

Yr_5_band_welcome_updated.docx (Word 609.2 KB)

Year 4 information for parents

A letter to parents of Year 4 students explaining what will happen with the selection for Year 5 band class.

Year_4_parent_info_letter_for_2021_Final.doc (Word 618.5 KB)

Reeds and Oils - order form here

Here is the current price list and order form for use by the IMP's client schools. Adds up for you!Can be completed and emailed, faxed or just handed to IMP staff.

Reed and oils order form 2022 (XLSX 13.5 KB)

Work Experience

We accept senior music students but you must be able to drive and have access to your own vehicle. Application is through your school work experience officer.