Audition Music

Audition Music

Audition music for all secondary level groups is below - you will find one file with music and technical requirements. There is also an instruction sheet below in a separate file.

Junior Concert Band (JCB)

Alto and Tenor Saxophone JCB 2023

Bass Clarinet JCB 2023

Bassoon JCB 2023

Clarinet JCB 2023

Euphonium JCB 2023

Flute JCB 2023

French Horn JCB 2023

Oboe JCB 2023

Percussion JCB 2023

Trombone JCB 2023

Trumpet JCB 2023

Tuba JCB 2023

Senior Concert Band (SCB) 

Alto and Tenor Saxophone SCB 2023

Baritone Saxophone SCB 2023

Bass Clarinet SCB 2023

Bass Guitar SCB 2023

Bassoon SCB 2023

Clarinet SCB 2023

Euphonium SCB 2023

Flute SCB 2023//

French Horn SCB 2023

Oboe SCB 2023

Percussion SCB 2023

Trombone SCB 2023

Trumpet SCB 2023

Tuba SCB 2023

Senior Concert Choir (SCC) 

Senior Concert Choir music 2023

Instruction Sheet - Senior Concert Choir (SCC)

Recordings - here is the link to google drive with recordings of soprano, alto and baritone parts

Percussion Ensemble (PE)

Music for Percussion Ensemble is same as for JCB/SCB - depending on year level

If you are going to be in yrs 7 or 8 in 2023 then prepare JCB  percussion pieces

Percussion - ensemble & JCB pieces

If you are going to be in yrs 9 - 12 in 2023 then prepare SCB  percussion pieces

Percussion - ensemble & SCB pieces

Instruction Sheets

Percussion Instructions

Woodwind and Brass Instructions

Primary Concert Band

Flute PCB 2023

Oboe PCB 2023

Clarinet PCB 2023

Bass Clarinet 2023

Alto and Tenor Saxophone 2023

Bassoon PCB 2023

Trumpet PCB 2023

French Horn PCB 2023

Trombone PCB 2023

Euphonium PCB 2023

Tuba PCB 2023

Percussion PCB 2023

Instructions PCB woodwind and brass

Instructions PCB percussion

Primary Concert Choir 

PCC set piece sheet music

PCC set piece recording

PCC set piece words only

Instruction Sheet  - Primary Concert Choir PCC

String Ensemble

String Ensemble set pieces

String Ensemble audition instructions