Combined Rehearsals

Combined Practices At regular and scheduled intervals during the year a number of band classes from up to 6 separate schools are brought together to rehearse at a central venue. IMPACT staff consider that combined practices are a vital aspect of the music education process that provides performance opportunities and expands the already broad range of experiences that we offer. Combined practices are not optional for schools.

Each combined starts at 10.00am sharp and ends at 12.20pm (for your bus drivers!) You need to bring - instruments, all music, stands, percussion - snare, bass and cymbal as well as auxiliary too! There will be a "recess" break. Make sure all equipment has your school's name on it please.

Here are the school groupings for 2022.

Year 5 bands  participate in Combined Practices in Terms 2 & 4.

Year 6 bands and ukulele groups participate in Combined Practices.