Our Schools

There are 60 schools associated with IMPACT  and classes are operating across primary schools and high schools in the ACT. The full list of associated schools is available at this link - schools 2021

Each Instrumental Music Class in Years 5 & 6 has a maximum of 22 students selected by a series of processes which can be found here - Yr 5 selection

At various times during the year students from our Instrumental Music Classes from groups of schools are brought together at one location for a combined practice. For dates and details please go to the page specifically called - Combined Practices.

Some prepared form letters and some stationery pertaining to the administration of the Instrumental Music Program's Band Classes in schools is available at the link on this page - Forms and Paperwork.

For information about Events such as the BANDSTRAVAGANZA, ACT Schools Band Festival, Winter Winds and other performances go to the Our Events page.

For information about the ACT Primary Concert Bands, Junior Concert Band and Senior Concert Band go to the page called Our Ensembles.