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Save the date: Saturday 25 February, 2023 at Dickson College

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Coffee and tea available all day and lunch and morning tea provided.

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We will have a limited capacity in 2023 with only 120 participants.

There will be three workshops throughout the day. Ticket price includes your choice of three workshops, morning tea, lunch, tea, coffee and a limited edition Arts Up Front Showbag.

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Workshop information – More information about workshops will be posted here closer to the opening of registrations on the 27 January 2023.  Keep an eye on our facebook page for current developments.


Canberra Swing Katz – solo jazz styles (secondary)

Looking for jazz routines that don’t require a partner? Join us for a mix of classic routines, improv skills and dancing games for a whole lot of essential moves and a whole lot of fun.

Liz Lea – An Introduction to Classical Indian Dance (all year levels)

Liz will lead a workshop that blends stretching movement with the graceful control of dance to tone and invigorate the body and release stress. The aim is to develop core strength, ease and openness in the joints and a flexible, well balanced body. Combined with an eclectic range of music we will also explore a range of rhythms to stimulate the mind. Fun, invigorating and informative.

Debora Di Centa for Ausdance ACT– Dance Art in Schools (upper secondary)

This workshop is designed to offer secondary and college teachers a structure and some tool tasks to use in a Choreographic Process with their students. You will be given a practical and theoretical exploration of a Contemporary and Improvisation Warm-up, followed by 4 different tasks to guide your students through the creation and development of new movement material for choreography. The primary focus of this session will be to inform and equip participants with a stronger understanding and clarity in movement execution and expressivity for choreographic purposes.

Visual Art

Katrina Leske Ceramics – Texture and Form with Soft Clay Slabs (secondary)

The focus of this course is on developing participants’ skills and understanding of clay slab forms. Participants will learn techniques for making refined, strong and resolved pots and or sculptures out of clay slabs, as well as exploring surface decoration and texture.

Leona Beeson, S&S Wholesale – Solarfast Printing (upper primary to college)

Attendees will apply solarfast to two surfaces and then expose them to the sun using two transparency artworks. The artworks are then placed into a fixing bath and left to dry.

Leona Beeson, S&S Wholesale – Printmaking: etching with Chine-collĂ© (upper primary to college)

Attendees will scratch (etch) into a plastic drypoint plate. We will then print using some find coloured papers for a Chine-collé print.

Sally Black – Food Sketching with pen and watercolour (primary focus)

Sketching, observational drawing and painting with watercolour are all skills that can be useful when teaching across all year levels. In this fun food sketching workshop Sally will demonstrate and guide participants to confidently sketch what they see, then use watercolour paints to capture a colourful representation of the food in front of them. Sally will share many hints, tips and techniques as participants create their food sketch.

Jessica Dabro & Sarah Buckley – Creative Split-Pin Puppets/Articulated Creatures (primary focus)

Visual Art Specialist Teachers Sarah Buckley and Jess Dabro will lead participants through a hands-on workshop exploring various ways to make split-pin characters for affordable, educational, sustainable lessons suitable for any age group (focus on Primary years). Participants will create their own articulated creature while exploring the elements of art (including line, texture, shape and colour).  We will explore how these puppets can be used as part of wider curriculum areas- including literacy, drama and STEM.

Mariana del Castillo – Layered Landscape  (secondary and college)

Layered Landscape workshop offers an opportunity to respond to the patterns of nature using eco dyed and linen fabrics. Quietly considering the landscape participants layer fabric like collage. This process allows a personal response to country and place. Participants will be introduced to slow stitch, a focused creative technique that adds additional texture and depth to the finished landscape.


Angela Willard – Drama skill development through games (primary focus)

A drama-based workshop for Primary School aged children through skill development. This workshop will explore some of the elements of drama through activities and games, involving group work, play and organised improvisation. It will equip teachers with content knowledge of how to build a lesson focussing on one or more elements through sequencing activities accordingly. Teachers will experience these lessons through the eyes of their students and learn how to cover performance, composition/creating and appreciation outcomes all in one lesson. Discussion about how to best assess students in drama will also be addressed. The idea is that children are having so much fun that they forget they are in the middle of a lesson at all.

Canberra Youth Theatre – Composition Bootcamp: Devising Theatre Quickly and Intuitively (secondary)

This workshop takes teachers through four rounds of composition ‘bootcamp’ where they will create and redraft a short piece of theatre. Based on the work of theatre practitioner Anne Bogart, this method helps students switch off the analytical side of their brain, freeing them to generate creative material. Easily replicable in the classroom, and includes take-home lesson plans and extension ideas.

Media Arts

Belinda Barancewicz – From Script to Screen: Teaching Students how to tell stories visually (all secondary/college focus)

Learn how to translate stories from the page onto the screen in this workshop.  Learn about the visual language of the screen and how to create emotion through different shots.  Practice writing a short scene and then planning and storyboarding how to tell that story on the screen.  BYO phone or tablet with camera so we can try filming a scene to examine how we got it from the script to the screen.

Jane Sobierajski – Top Photographer Challenge (upper primary and secondary)

Top Photographer Challenge is a fun way to encourage creativity and a little friendly competition in your photography class. Inspired by the British TV series Top Photographer, this framework can be used from Upper Primary to Senior High School level classes. You will be given the customisable Google Slide presentation that provides students with the challenge guidelines and then battle it out to be crowned Arts Up Front’s Top Photographer 2023.

Participants will need to bring either their phone or a camera to participate.

Tiffany Roweth – Levitation Photography

Modelled off the back of several successful excursions I have run for my students, this workshop will give you a hands-on experience of the levitation styled shoot/workshop I run as an assessment task. I will introduce you to the surreal style of Levitation Photography; how to shoot it, communicate with your subject and edit your photographs. There will be a live demonstration, where you can watch how to guide the models into the perfect pose, create a thoughtful composition and get the most out of the creative space. Following this, each attendee will have the opportunity to photograph our amazing model/s, practice directing, and have some first-hand examples to share with their students.

Attendees are required to bring their own camera, tripod, memory cards and computer with Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t have suitable equipment, please contact the team and we may be able to assist you.


Wyana O’Keefe – Introduction to percussion (all year levels)

Do your school have percussion instruments languishing in cupboards because no one knows how to use them? Would you like to learn the correct method for playing a triangle, tambourine, or vibraslap? Join us to explore all this, and then work through repertoire for percussion ensemble from beginning to more advanced ability levels.

Canberra Symphony Orchestra – Inclusive Music Education (primary and secondary focus)

Engaging all students in music education is our focus with an emphasis on students with hearing impairment, autism and other learning challenges. This workshop will give hands on examples of ways to provide inclusive education and outcomes for a broad range of learners. Our extensive experience in these specific environments allows us to share our knowledge and give teachers an opportunity to broaden their skills and have meaningful dialogue around the role of music and inclusion.

Multiple stream

Katharine Finlayson – Movement and Music in the Primary Years (Music and Dance, primary focus)

Singing and movement go hand in hand in the primary years music classroom. It is the most natural thing to move while we sing and to sing while we move. This workshop will show ways in which teachers can foster the development of movement skills and the music learning which flows as a result from Kindergarten to Year 6. Movement also enhances children’s enjoyment of and engagement with singing and speech rhymes. The workshop will include examples of fine motor and gross motor activities, solo movements, dances and actions that children from Kindergarten to Year 6 can perform while singing and listening to music.

Karen Vickery – Using your Voice Effectively: how to project and maintain vocal health for teachers. (all year levels)

Teachers are the largest group of workers whose heavy use of the voice is a job demand and whose vocal health is impacted by a lack of education and practice in voice usage. In this session, Karen Vickery will lead you through a series of exercises to help you discover optimal ways to use your voice effectively in various situations and to maintain vocal health. The course is suited to classroom teachers, sports and performing arts coaches, and musical bandleaders. Karen is an experienced tutor in Voice and has run workshops in the Canberra Cultural sector for museum and gallery guides, for Arts Up Front, for teachers and corporate presenters. She trained at NIDA and was on the full time NIDA staff for 14 years. She was Director of Access and Learning at the National Portrait Gallery for 11 years. She is an award-winning freelance Actor, Acting Teacher, and Theatre Director and is a director of ACT Hub - a new theatre situated in Kingston and the home of independent theatre in Canberra.

Cancellation Policy

If after booking, you are unable to attend, you are welcome to nominate someone else to attend in your place. Please advise substitutions via email at least 24 hours in advance to ensure correct name tags are available.
The person attending in your place will attend your selected sessions or may swap to any available session. Email with substitutions.

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