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Step into the Limelight is pleased to announce the theme for the 2022 Limelight Art Exhibition and Gala, ‘Found’. Limelight believes after two unusual years the theme ‘Found’ will allow teachers and students to explore and unpack their experiences from this extraordinary time. ‘Found’ encourages students to adopt a sustainability mindset, to repurpose, reuse and rediscover, to find their place and space and search for meaning, understanding and acceptance in their creative endeavours. Limelight invites teachers and students to question what they have found, uncovered, and discovered about themselves and their world around them, through visual arts, dance, drama, music and film. ‘Found’ invokes feelings of discovery, investigation, and excitement and Limelight looks forward to what students, teachers and schools will present in the annual Art Exhibition and Gala.

TICKETS for the Limelight Gala Showcase Performance available from Monday August 8.

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As we are unable to meet in person this year, limelight has launched the theme Found online, via our new youtube channel.

Check out our Launch video here: Limelight Theme Reveal 2022

The original illustrations used in the short stop motion launch reel will soon be available from the Instrumental Music Programs Website for teachers to download and share with their students and classes.

Limelight would love to see what adventures our little character can get up to, and would be pleased to showcase your students work through our YouTube channel.

Art Exhibition:

Schools are invited to select their most exemplary student artwork for showcase at M16 Artspace. The exhibition will run for Friday 29 July to 14 August.

This year schools are also invited to nominate artwork for the advertisement of this exhibition. The artworks selected will be used in print and digital advertising to promote the exhibition. This includes on our official print invitation which is shared with every participating school and on our exhibition program. If you have some student work for selection, email

Limelight is also building a suite of teacher PL events for arts educators to engage with in the gallery. These events will be offered from Wednesday to Friday 3.30-5.30pm, and Limelight anticipate these will be TQI accredited.

Stay tuned for more information on all of these programs and ways to register artworks through the Instrumental Music Program website.

Gala Showcase:

Limelight is pleased to mark the return to the stage at a new venue this year. Llwelleyn Hall at the ANU School of Music will be our venue for the 2022 ‘Found’ Gala. Evening performances will be on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 September.

The Gala will run from Sunday 4 September to Thursday 8 September. With technical rehearsals being held on the Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 September, and dress rehearsals and evening performances held on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 September.

At this stage Limelight is planning to offer the Massed Primary Choir, Massed Primary Dance and Senior Dance Ensemble programs. As well as the auditioned Featured Artist ensemble and featured school group performances. Limelight is looking to work with a variety of schools who are demonstrating excellence in the performing arts, through dance, drama or music and who are ready to take on the challenge of present their items to a large audience at Llewellyn Hall.  Backstage crew team will be an essential program and we will be looking for some short films to present also.

Limelight is aware of the current and changing nature of restrictions in schools and community and will ensure that before programs are established we can provide them in a covid safe way.

More information on all of these programs and ways to register your schools will become available soon through the Instrumental Music Programs Website

To ensure our communication gets to you please complete your schools details for our database. Use this form to update your schools details.

Reach out to the team at Limelight if you have any further questions about this year's programs and events.

Step into the Limelight, the Territory’s creative and performing arts showcase event for public schools, began in 2007 and has grown to become the largest youth Arts event in the ACT. More than 1800 students from over 65 public schools, will work closely with their teachers, professional  artists, tertiary institutions and arts organisations to develop outstanding artistic works for two events.

The  aims of Step into the Limelight are:

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