Ukulele classes became part of the Instrumental Music Program in 2012.

Here are the IMP ukulele classroom protocols in light of the current covid-19 situation.

Ukulele protocols - students

Ukulele protocols - teachers

Safe classroom poster

IMPACT administers a valuable pool of resources that allow a number of ACT Government primary schools to offer group lessons on ukulele. These resources include skilled and qualified teachers, musical instruments and print music. These Classes are offered to selected students from Years 4, 5 & 6 depending on school numbers. The Classes are held during school time and in groups of up to 25 students. Ukulele students develop skills in performing chord and note patterns as well as singing along with their performance on the ukulele. Program costs include a ukulele that becomes the student's own instrument. A school-based teacher assists with the management of the Class and is the Director of the school group at performances.

Ukulele teachers Rod and Evan with instruments

Assessment for Ukulele Class

Explanation of the Selection Process and Criteria

Select uke (Word 622.0 KB)

Parent information letter

Letter to parents of students explaining what will happen with the selection for Recorder classes.

recorder and ukulele for parents.doc (Word 615.0 KB)

Practice Record

Even though we include a practice record in each student journal there may be an occasion where a special record sheet is required. Here it is.

Practice sheet (Word 38.0 KB)

Welcome Letter

A letter to parents of students welcoming them to the IMP.

Uke welcome info for parents (Word 615.0 KB)

Ukulele offer

A letter to parents of ukulele students offering a position in the IMP class.

Uke offer (Word 604.3 KB)