Senior Concert Band

Membership of the ACT Senior Concert Band (SCB) is open to students of ACT government high schools who play wind, brass and percussion instruments and who are in Years 9 to 12 and who successfully audition. Membership of the SCB is for one year only and all places are declared vacant at the end of each school year. The SCB rehearses each Wednesday night of school term (not in the holidays).

Current members may reaudition for membership in next year's band, but will receive no special treatment except where 2 applicants rank equally at audition. In that situation the current member will receive preference if their behaviour has been exemplary and if their attendance record is good.

The SCB is not a teaching band in the way that the younger System Bands are; you will be expected to know the fingering for Z-flat, and you will be expected to learn your part - the conductor's job is to fit your prepared part into the whole. The music that the SCB plays is likely to be a little harder than that which you play at school. For those reasons it is probably a good idea (though not compulsory) if you were to seek a private tutor who is prepared to assist you.

Band performing

Our Senior Jazz Band rehearses on Wednesday Nights before Senior Concert Band rehearsal from 6.00 - 7.00pm. Instruments include saxes, trumpets, trombones, percussion, keyboard, guitar and bass. Students are auditioned from the Senior Concert Band only.

SCB rehearsal from 7.30 - 9.30pm

Senior Concert Band Conductors  - Naida Blackley & Lane Moore
Senior Jazz Band Conductor - Rod Harding

Jazz band

Jazz Band trumpet section at Winter Winds

Performance dates for 2016 - SCB

Canberra Nara Candle Festival - Saturday October 29 - 4-5pm

Bandstravaganza - Tuesday November 15 7.00pm and Wednesday November 16 7.00pm (Jazz Band too)

Band Picnic Sunday November 27 - 2-6pm

Jazz band performances

Bandstravaganza - Tuesday November 15 7.00pm and Wednesday November 16 7.00pm

Band Picnic Sunday November 27 - 2-6pm