Gala Showcase

Step Into The Limelight 2017- INSPIRE

Teacher and Student Information

This year’s theme, Inspirethe artist within, seeks to encourage participants to explore what inspires them to create, opening up possibilities to use as a starting point nature, their surroundings, books they read, magazines, movies, television shows, music, travel, memories, their sketchbook, other artists and their artworks, and much more.

A feature of this year’s showcase is the selection of 4 accomplished alumni who have made their mark either nationally or internationally. In an introduction to the item, we ask what has inspired them. A school then takes something these artists have created and uses it as their starting point to create something new and different.

Thursday August 24 and Friday August 25, 2017

AIS Arena, Bruce

Tickets on sale from Tuesday August 1 through Ticketek -

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How Your School Can Be Involved in the Gala Showcase

  • Feature Acts - School groups
  • Feature Artists - Individuals
  • Massed Primary Choir
  • Dance - School groups and Individuals
  • Film
  • Stage Crew - VET/ Work Experience Students
  • Primary Drama Project