Instrumental Music Program for Parents and Visitors

The first and most important statement to make clear is that the Instrumental Music Program does not run school bands.

The Instrumental Music Program operates Instrumental Music classes in 52 ACT Education Directorate primary schools and 4 secondary schools across the ACT. For a full list of associated schools click here.

The Instrumental Music classes (band) have a maximum class size of 22 students. For the process used for selecting students please click here. Instrumental Music classes (fife and recorder) have a maximum class size of 25 students. See fife and recorder page for more details.

There are documents available that may be of interest if you want to find out details of the Program's operation.

The first is the snapshot looking at the mechanics of the program.

The next document is the - Notes for Parents - as issued at meetings at the beginning of the band year.

Looking to find out a little about the history of the IMP - try the Background and Rationale Paper.

Also - looking for other bands for your student to join in ACT community - click here.

Music and the brain - brochure here

Students in IMP Programsover 2100 ACT public school students
Schools in IMP Programs52 primary schools, 4 high schools
Staff9 teaching staff, 1 admin officer as well as 1 Executive Teacher, 1 Executive Teacher - Limelight & 1 Principal
System Bands4 after hours extension groups plus a flute ensemble, percussion ensemble & jazz band

Non band programs

Fife & Drum (5), Recorder & Percussion (2)and Ukulele (4)
Instruments2400 at last count
Band Scores1900 at last count

If you have other questions please contact the Principal on 02 62058265 or by email