Other Concerts

The Instrumental Music Program usually run a number of concerts and events throughout the year - eg Winter Winds, Band Festival, Singfest, Step into the Limelight. These events have been greatly impacted by Covid-19 restrictions and venue limitations.

We hope to return to a more active year in 2021.


IMP will be holding Summer Winds - a series of 8 short concerts by each of our extension groups at our home base school - UCHS Kaleen. The concerts will be held in week 7 term 4 - November 23-26. Notes will be issued to each group but are also attached below for your information.

PCC - Primary Concert Choir

SCC - Senior Concert Choir

PCBM - Primary Concert Band Monday

PCBT - Primary Concert Band Thursday

PE - Percussion Ensemble

JCB - Junior Concert Band

SJB - Senior Jazz Band

SCB - Senior Concert Band