Primary Concert Band

The Primary Concert Bands will recommence rehearsals in Term 3

PCBM - Monday July 20


PCBT - Thursday July 23

Both from 6.30-8.00pm.

There are 2 ACT Primary Concert Bands and they exist solely to provide extension for students who are members of IMPACT Year 6 Band Classes in schools associated with the Program.They are not community bands in the sense that membership is not open to all students from all primary schools.They were established to have a specific purpose as teaching bands to complement the work being done by IMPACT staff in schools. On that basis they are both directed and administered voluntarily by IMPACT staff, and they both rehearse after school hours each on a different evening - which explains their names; Primary Concert Band Monday and Primary Concert Band Thursday - Guess which evenings they rehearse!

IMPACT staff have divided the 48 associated schools with Yr 6 bands into two groups of 21/22 schools in such a way that there is almost an equal number of “woodwind schools” and “brass schools” in each group. Careful attention is given to the number of Northside and Southside schools in each group to avoid comparisons.

The auditions for membership are a two-part process.In the first instance IMPACT staff will invite students to apply for audition.These students will be those who have shown more rapid development than other students in their Band Class AND who have demonstrated behaviour and practice habits which indicate their readiness to move into a larger band situation. Students who accept that invitation are auditioned by IMPACT staff, with one IMPACT staff member listening to all of the instruments of a specific type (e.g. all of the trumpets, or all of the clarinets). Following these auditions 50 ~ 60 students are offered positions in each specific PCB - either the Monday group or the Thursday group, depending on which school they attend. Accepting a position in “the other” PCB is not an option.

Unfortunately almost as many students are not offered positions. This is often accompanied by disappointment, but as musicians it will be just the first time that they are unsuccessful at audition - as has happened to all of the IMPACT staff at some stage or other. It does not mean that they are “no good”, but that of the 100s of others who auditioned on the day some were more successful. Hopefully they will be more determined to audition for the Junior Concert Band at the end of Year 6.

Chosen from - IMP schools for IMP students only on their IMP issued instrument

Queries - IMP on 02 61420477

Please talk to your IMP teacher if you have any questions or contact

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